Friday, August 7, 2009

Was the Pittsburg shooting a set-up?

Was George Sodini the "actual" shooter in the killings at the gym? The lights went out BEFORE, so could anyone have seen who actually did the shootings?
Was George Sodini "Fosterized"? Suicided? Could someone else with George Sodini turn off the lights, shoot Sodini, then spray the place with bullets and leave the weapon behind?

Sodini was a million a year software program writer for a company owned or partly owned by Bill Gates global legal firm, who also, as it is claimed, was instrumental in the transfer of billions from Iran to Turkey, to Obama and then off to the Gates Foundation, supposedly for his final payment for the purchase of the White House.

Sound far fetched? Maybe. You will need to follow the links here: for a very interesting story that connects a LOT of dots!!!

However, according to these FSB reports, the depiction by the US propaganda media of George Sodini as “anti-social and woman hating” could not be “further from the truth” in describing what Russian Intelligence files profile as “one of the most important financial computer wizards” who was so “deeply entrenched” in the current Global banking collapse, and which many FSB experts believe it was his, Sodini’s, computer program that has, in fact, engineered the theft of Trillions of Dollars in what was once the American peoples wealth.