Monday, June 9, 2008

My problem with the Kucinich impeachment

My take on the Kucinich impeachment Articles.

We on the internet and blog circuit pretty much know what is truth and what are lies.

I listened for hours, the charges, one after another, and each and every one, Bush is guilty of.

Then I began wondering why now? He will be out of office soon enough, and certainly can not to too much more damage to a nation compared to what he already has since the beginning of his first term.

Could this be all just smoke and mirrors?

Could this whole scenario be just a dog and pony show?


When Kucinich got to the 9-11 info, and charged Bush with not doing anything about all the warnings he was given by the CIA, NSA, FBI etc, you know, those warnings of “Bin Laden” those warnings of Terrorist attacks, those warnings of Al Queda, those warnings of terrorists training to fly a (oh my God), a Cessna! I lost it. The instructor admitted not even he could fly a 747, let alone do banks at those speeds, nor could most any 30 year military or commercial pilot, as they admit.

Kucinich, laying out in his articles of impeachment, stuck right on down the center of the “official version” of the story of what happened on 9-11. With thousands of scientists, hundreds of military and civilian pilots, hundreds of physics engineers, construction engineers, ALL stating that what the official story says is FALSE. Yet, here it is, in an official resolution of impeachment, the “official story”. Maybe he didn't want to come across as a Radical Conspiracy nut.

(Get the documentary Loose Change part II)


Kucinich states that Bush ignored warnings of global warming, which caused the devastation of New Orleans. Kucinich believes, as per his resolution of impeachment that global warming is real and is caused by carbon emissions and people. Thousands of scientists now state that it is FALSE. Mars is getting warmer too, and there are NO SUV's or people or freon on Mars that I am aware of. Global warming is stalled, and has not risen in the past 2 or 3 years now. It is stable. Al Gore, while he jets around the world in his private jet, wants you to ride a bike. Al Gore stands to make a very large fortune on the “global warming” scam. He holds large stakes in corporations who make money on global warming.

Here is what I think is going down. Bush gets in office, and his handlers tell him what to do, break the law, be a bad president, and in the end, we will try to impeach you to make it look like Congress has the people's best interests at heart. If you get impeached, the next morning, you can come out on to your patio, read the paper and have fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast, and don't worry, you will be well rewarded.

In the mean time, Americans are so disenfranchised with the Republicans, that they vote in Obama as the next president. And of course, since the neocon establishment wants racial tensions, they will pop Obama, so the black population riots all over the nation, and the vice president once sworn in can declare Martial law nationwide, as they have been wanting to do for a long, long time. Check Mate.

Maybe I am wrong, but I am still entitled to my opinons.