Sunday, July 19, 2009

So you hate your neighbor!

You move in to a neighborhood, and right away you do not like your neighbour, and your neighbor does not like you!

You believe in the right to protect yourself, so you have 200 rifles, your neighbor has none, but you spy on him, and see that he is working in his garage late at night, working, working working.

You are sure he is building a rifle, but you can't "prove" it. Your neighbor scares you.

Your next action would be to protect yourself, and break out all 200 of your rifles and begin shooting up your neighbors house and garage until it is so bullet ridden it falls down on him, his wife and kids, killing them all!

What do you think the police would say or do when you claim you have a right to protect yourself against a "possible" threat? You would be in prison for the rest of your natural life, if you were not sentenced to death for murder.

Sounds far fetched? Over Kill? Probably, but this is what the Zionist "state" if Israel is exactly doing! To "protect" themselves, and to "defend" from what may or may not be, they want to desperately attack first, Iran.

Perhaps they should wait until Iran actually HAS a bomb! At least Iran, with NO nukes is a signatory of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. Israel on the other hand, is NOT a signatory, and they have 200 + nuclear warheads! Israel does not even have actual borders, as even maps show dotted lines where their border is today, but fluid enough where they will move.

Any GOOD Jews in Israel should get out now, and leave the Spawn of Satin Zionists to fend for themselves. Remember, A Zionist is not a real Jew, they only claim to be, and as they did in WWII they stole a large portion of the real Jews wealth from a deal with they struck with Hitler. Hitler himself was a supporter AND contributor of creating a nation for Jews.

There was even a commemorative coin made, one side the Star of David, the other side bear the Swastika. The deal was simple, Hitler would assist those Zionists to leave Germany, and promised to ship all the confiscated property of the real Jews to the Zionists when they set up house in Palestine!

They stabbed you in the back once, they WILL do it again, and leave you hanging in the breeze!

The Revelation of Saint John the Devine:
2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

This short clip shows the deal that was made between the Zionists and Hitler. (Jews, you were NOT included in this deal, the Zionists only wanted your property, and they got it!

This clip is from a news film from 1984 about a book written about the "deal".

The Zionists in the clip will want the viewer to believe that Palestine was nothing but a
total wasteland with no inhabitants and "they" brought culture and skill to the region.

This next clip is nothing but slides of Palestine pre-1947, which clearly shows culture, streets, cars, houses, and people and families.

And of course, who could not resist a slide show of pre-1948 cities of Palestine!

Now I don't know about all of you, but Murder is murder, right? And Apartheid is apartheid.
And Stealing is stealing, be it your next door neighbor or another country!

Zionists in Israel wants to do a first strike towards Iran, Russia and China promised that an attack on Iran is an Attack against them and would start WWIII, should Israel do a first strike.

I think, that should it happen, Both Russia and China will eliminate the "State of" Israel. In the meantime, many of the Zionists are here in America pulling our strings! They are cowards and will not even be near Israel when the shit hits the fan.