Saturday, August 23, 2008

Did Obama "really" pick Biden?

Did Obama "really" pick Biden? I am not convinced. After watching the video that is all over CNN, the look on Obama's face when Biden says that Obama is not ready to be President, and that the White House in not for on-the-job-training was priceless! Then Biden says he would love to run against or with McCain, and that the country would be in much better shape with McCain.

We know that Obama is not Israels choice for President for the United States. Perhaps Obama is not secure enough in their pockets, who knows.

Did Obama really pick Biden of his own free will, or did Israel tell Obama "you will never become president unless you name who we tell you to name for your running mate. Enter stage far left, Joseph Biden, who's childhood dream was to grow up as a Zionist. His own words tell the story, how basically the US could not even exist without "our dear friend" Israel.

To me, if the Obama/Biden ticket wins the prize, AND if Obama survives his four year term, we will have a full-blown card-carrying Zionist who will have Israels back first, and he will not hesitate to have American blood shed before Israel sheds blood. Biden will assure Israel that he will put THEIR needs ahead of ours. Americans, the Constitution and our way of life will take a far back seat in the bus of policies. He will assure Israels' policies for America are enacted.

What does this nation need? A Congress with a pair. A very big pair! Made of brass, preferably.

I can't wait to see who McCain is told to have for his running mate!