Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Death of the Late Great Global Warming Scam

Well, I have had a lot to say, but it had not appeared on this blog, but now I have something I wanted to blog about! Global warming, or the lies thereof!

The Global Warming game has been going on for quite some time. The soft voiced Eddie Albert saying how the Earth is getting warmer and we need to plant a tree for Arbor Day. And then their is the argumentative Ed Bagley Jr. who loudly will argue with anyone the points of global warming. The latest news is the "Amber Alert" for the missing Al Gore in all this! HA!

While people around the world were forced (and still are) to pay carbon taxes, buy mercury laced light bulbs, buy "green" buy cars that are clean, etc, the rich who eat their young continue to use incandescent bulbs, buldoze down forests, and make fortunes in their tax schemes!

Let's not forget who STARTED this LIE! it was (in my opinion), the Dupont Corporation. (see previous post in my archives, linked here for your convenience), the Dupont smoking gun as it were. The lie was rammed down the throats of the world as "fact" by the Zionist controlled media.

So what happened? Thousands of Scientists around the world said "It ain't so", and with the Arctic cold much of the northern hemisphere is experiencing, it's hard to convince the people of it either. It took the actions of a hacker (or hackers) to steal emails for key scientists to crack the case wide open.

Scientists also reported it was getting warmer on Mars as well, so I guess there are a lot of SUV's driving around up there too! But the media, Gore, Albert, Bagley, and the likes of them never seemed to address that little fact! For my money, they can all go and "eat the peanuts..."

Granted, we all want cleaner air to breath, right? I don't care for smog, smoke belching factories kicking out thousands of tons of mercury and other harmful products into the air we breath, but I guess if it is worth the money, they don't care.

And how can we ignore the rat poison they put in the toothpaste and water? A waste bi-product of the Aluminium industry. Based on false facts (just like with global warming), and with the support of the puppet
media parroting that information as "facts". You are dying a slow death from Sodium Fluoride. Just look at the MSDS sheet on the actual chemical. If you have NEVER read the "Materials Safety Data Sheet" on Sodium Fluoride, (the stuff in your toothpaste and maybe water) you SHOULD! You can click right here and read how toxic even a small amount is.

A small amount the size of a pea if ingested by a baby can hospitalize that child, or even kill the child! Now, you might say "I don't swallow it". Think! What does someone who is having chest pains do? They take Nitro- Glycerine, UNDER THE TONGUE, because that is the quickest and most effective method of getting medication into the bloodstream! What is under your tongue? sodium fluoride laced toothpaste!

I know this was about Global warming, but Fluoride is a lie as well! I think soon the Genetically Modified foods forced on us will be shown as a dangerous lie as well, all with the hype of the Zionist owned media.
And perhaps the planted lie that Vitamins are bad for you! The whole reason they want to make vitamins a prescription is to prevent you from staying somewhat healthy! Vitamins must work, or they would not want them banned world-wide See Codex Alimentarius. Under the shroud of "food safety", they want to also control and ban vitamins, prevent people from growing their own gardens of fresh organic foods!

Viva La Internet! For if not for the free flow of thoughts, we would all be purely duped slaves, worse than what we already are!

The list goes on!