Saturday, January 17, 2009

Silver Lining in the Global Depression

Some would think that a Global Depression is a bad thing, and I tend to agree that it is better to NOT have it than to have it. Could any good come from it? It depends who you ask. Ask a globalist and they will tell you out of chaos comes order. Yeah, "who's' form of order is the question, and for the money, I think it would not be good for the "outsider" crowd, like the little people of the world.

I predict their One World government is going to fall like a house of cards. Perhaps by the end of the 2012 when the Mayan Calendar ends.

Imagine a global depression. It will be proven to people all over the world, and in every nation that "government" can not help you, only help themselves. Government can be a good thing, if they are not a den of evil criminals, but of the common people, FOR the rights of the common people. This was the idea behind the founding of America, and the creation of the Bill of Rights. TO protect and to preserve RIGHTS (not privileges) from an every encroaching federal government.

I can foresee a world, where every nations people are so fed up that they take to the streets and literally drag the government officials out of their buildings and shoot them, or stone them to death, or hang them in the trees and lamp posts as a reminder to those others to tow the line and follow the desires of the people.

The world is a powder keg waiting to explode. When every nation on earth is using their military to try to control their own people, no nation could afford to send their troops off to other lands to assist that government in trying to control the uprisings.

Once the money is gone and all nations are broke, NO nation will be able to afford to finance foreign wars, and wars will end. No nation will have the means to finance another nations conflicts.

Once the nuclear WWIII is over, and the heads of the evil snakes in current governments are severed, and once the dust settles, it will be a whole new world. This world is coming to a close in its' current situation.

Once the evil people of the world are dead, there will only be the good people, the honest people, and hopefully, next time an individual rises up to "control" people, they will be quickly dealt with, instead of letting it go on and get out of hand, to a point where it will become like we are today.

The power has always been in the hands of the people, and the people of the world who far outnumber the "criminals" in their governments, will soon realize this and take the required steps to cut that head off of the snake.

Then maybe, just maybe, governments will begin to focus on their own people and stay the hell out of everyone else's business.

Every nation on earth could be prosperous, but that would be against the globalists plans. All a nation needs to do is get rid of their central banks, and not have to buy their money at face value plus interest. Those in the world's governments who support central banking are the problem, not the solution. You the reader of this, regardless of which nation you are from, CAN be the solution to the global economic meltdown.

We in America, once the depression is deep, will probably be offered a "way out" and renewed prosperity, it will probably be called the Amero, designed after the Euro. The US, Canada and Mexico will be tied together monetarily. Eventually the world will be of 3 political systems, thus the Trilateral Commission, who oversees the work of implementing this.

This Global Depression will probably be the cause of consolidating power into 3 entities.
The American, The European, and The Asian governments. And these three will be controlled by a single "World President".

Or course, that is THEIR plan. Perhaps they did not think that the people will actually get off their lazy butts, turn off their silly TV's, and quit swilling alcohol. Perhaps that will be their miss-calculation.

For the US, the people here have not suffered enough. The people have not had empty bellies, save for the homeless, and even they eat.

Take away the electric power grid, take away TIVO and television as a whole, sporadic water service, no jobs,no gas for their SUV's yeah, then they will wake up and smell the lack of coffee.

Maybe then they will rid this country of the scum floating at the top of the creme de la creme.

You people in Germany, in England, in France, in China, in Russia (well, unless you are in the Kremlin, you probably will not get to read this, or in China for that matter), and all other countries. You know what you need to do. I know it is not the people of ANY nation who is evil, it is always the acts of their criminal self-serving governments who are to blame, and for the vast majority of nations, your leaders take their orders from the owners of your Central Banks.

Get rid of them! The time has come. The Global meltdown is beginning. Will the people use it to their advantage? Or will the people just roll over and play dead? Time will tell.