Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Priests" are not the only child molesters

Yet another case of the "pedophile priest" in the news. This time hitting closer to the Pope's own territory! Is it ONLY the Catholic priest who is a pedophile? Hardly! However, the Roman Catholic church is probably the biggest and most powerful so it would be the most likely target to "bring down in scandal".

Where do you get your info on this scandal? Well, of course from your daily newspaper, and from your daily television/radio news source. I can't speak for the radio, but most of the major newspapers in the United States is owned by Jewish interests, as well most television networks owned and/or controlled by Jewish interests. So, they are the ones to decide what is "newsworthy" and what is not newsworthy.

Speaking mainly of NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN, etc.. you rarely hear reports of "pedophile Rabbi's" now, do you? Of Course not!
You never hear them complain about Israel, but only "Israels" enemies, which is pretty much all of the Middle East, and soon Europe, since it is stated the consensus of Israel is "They may have to wipe out Europe"

They say they have to act like the wild dog, in order to left alone to their evil deeds.

Anyways, back to the pedophile Rabbi.. Since some Zionist Jews are involved in the white slave trade, (as well as the shipping, buying and selling of black slaves in the US in earlier history), as well as harvesting organs to sell on the market,
and a host of other crimes against Humanity, why should they be excluded from being pedophiles as well? They aren't excluded, they just choose not to talk about their own skeletons in the closet.

Why do you never hear of THESE Rabbis who choose to molest children?

I leave you to ponder that for yourself!