Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Thomas Paine" Tea Party

I can't agree more with the man or the message!

If you don't stand up and do something, instead of letting "others" do the work, a day will come when you will have NO chance to restore America, it will be too late, and no one but the person in your mirror is to blame. Perhaps your young children or grandchildren will one day thank you for sitting on your ass and doing nothing but selling them into servitude and bondage, forever.

"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned.

When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."

-- Mark Twain


Thomas Paine 2009

What would have happened in 1789, 1942 or 9/11 if a top government official stepped in front of the people and publicly proclaimed America was a nation of cowards? He would have been run out of the country on a rail, packaged and tar and feathered at least. But that’s what happened in 2009 and you did nothing.

Have you become a nation of cowards, America? In the greatest show of arrogance and disdain any congress ever showed any citizenry your dysfunctional elite, self interested non- representing representatives passed the largest spending bill in history without reading it and you did nothing.

You want them to obey your constitutional mandate and secure your borders and they ignore you. You ask them to enforce your immigration laws and they ignore you. You say stop the madness of handing 300 billion dollars of a bankrupted treasury to illegal alien welfare rewarding them for making a mockery of your laws. And they ignore you. And now in open defiance of the overwhelming will of the people are preparing more amnesty programs. You say stop exploiting my nation’s vital industries to foreign shores and they ignore you.

You say “no” to use your money to bail out failed, corrupt and greedy businesses and they ignore you. You say implement the e-verify system so American jobs go to American workers. And they ignore you. If your self-serving congress were a business they’d all be in jail now. The biggest traitors among you hold elective office. Only when they feel the wrath of ‘We the People” marching in the streets from California to New York shouting “We’re mad as hell and we want our country back!” will they get the message. They work for you!

Wake up America! While you were playing with the toys of your consumer wealth you lost much more than your bloated economy of living beyond your means. You lost your representative democracy. Your servants have become your masters. Taxation without representation is tyranny. But still you look to government to solve problems they created in the first place. You’re sucking at the hind teat of a dead cow.

Why isn’t there a 3 million people march on Washington, a nationwide taxpayer’s revolt? Thousands of cars and trucks surrounding your nation’s capitol bringing your failed government to a standstill. Democracy doesn’t repress power, it unleashes it to, ‘We the People”. Take it now. They dictated an economic solution to you. Now it’s time to stick it to them – with the “We the People stimulus package.

Require all laws that apply to the rest of the country to equally apply to congress. Start by first removing the elite privileges that place your non-representing representatives above you, not with you. Require all laws that apply to the rest of the country to equally apply to congress. Repeal congress’ right to vote for their own raises. Balance the federal budget. Force your legislators to do what you now have to do. Live within your means. If you don’t you’re committing national suicide. Make congress pay into the social security system. They make laws for it, now they might be interested in thinking twice before they allow 20 million illegal aliens to reap the benefits of a retirement program the legal citizens paid into all of their lives. Long term power corrupts. Limit congress from serving more than 2 terms. That’s all you give your president. Let them search for their own 401k plan instead of the gross unfairness of awarding them their full salary for the rest of their lives after only serving one term. Stop paying for lawmakers’ insurance premiums. After all they’re only part time employees. They might pass some laws on insurance companies if they had to find one themselves.

Throw out of office every congressman and woman who didn’t bother to read the biggest spending bill in history before they voted for it. With the money you save from all of the above, put it into increased salary and benefits for the men and women of the armed forces. They never fail you. Start with no war unless you intend to win it. Make English the official language of America. You talk of “united we stand” but do nothing to make it happen. Give every legal immigrant a chance to succeed. Not one cent of taxpayer money for illegal aliens. We are a nation of laws and do not reward lawbreakers.

Abolish the Electoral College and put the election of the president back in the hands of “We the People”. Bring back universal service – 2 years in the military or 2 years in community involvement. Insure your future. Rekindle the spirit of America. Service, honor and duty to country.

Give your young people a chance to understand they’re entitled to nothing they haven’t earned.

Wake up, America. You’ve allowed yourselves to become little more than cowering spectators watching the nation your grandparents built, the richest most powerful self-sufficient republic in history with the highest standard of living any nation ever achieved.

Now in the middle of the greatest unprecedented decline in modern history the world’s only super power can’t defend its borders, balance its budget, win its wars, manufacture its own products or protect its own currency.

Your total government debt obligation in the next several years is approaching the gross domestic product of the entire world. You’ve diminished the future of your children, grandchildren and 10 more generations of Americans.

On September 11, 2001 300 million Americans put aside what divided them and rallied around what united them. You proudly flew your flags. You wore t-shirts that said “These colors don’t run.” Then your leadership told you to do nothing.

Let your professional army do the fighting. Perhaps you learned to do nothing too well. 233 years ago the silent majority in Boston got fed up w/ taxation without representation and held a little tea party to prove the anger of “We the People” is on the march. It started the 1st American Revolution. Now its time to start the 2nd American Revolution. Take an envelope, put a tea bag inside. Simple. Seal it. Send it to your non representing representative in congress. They’ll get the idea. We’re mad as hell and we want our country back. Look in the mirror. There is your leader. Phone your talk radio host. Call for a tax protest. Set your internet communities on fire with the idea. If you decide to do nothing again, then buy a gun. You’ll need it!

My name is Thomas Paine. Don’t give up hope America. Your country needs a new greatest generation. Answer the call. Get into the fight. It’s a good time to be a patriot. The 2nd American Revolution has just begun.

Send a tea-bag to your employees in the government. For addresses go to:

President Barack Obama


1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington D.C. 20500