Monday, September 29, 2008

On the 700 Billion bailout

I am glad to see that the 1st round on this bill failed. This whole thing is a total scam to enrich criminals. Instead of money, they should be in prison without the possibility of a pardon.

When the idiots in the House who voted yea speaks of how not passing this bill will hurt Main Street, they are trying to put a guilt trip on America. They are liars, plain and simple.

If they really gave a damn about you or me, they would give the 700 billion in interest free loans to the PEOPLE to help them keep their homes. If the Banksters really needed money and had a cash flow problem, LOWER THE FREAKIN' INTEREST RATE TO THE PRESENT HOMEOWNER AND CANCEL THE ADJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGE, GIVE THE HOMEOWNER A FIXED RATE, and the banksters would be awash with cash.

If they gave the money to the homeowner facing foreclosure they could pay their mortgage and the banksters would STILL get the money.

All this bill does is enrich the banksters so they can take YOUR money and loan it out to YOU
at interest.

Bottom line, you would pay for the money to give to the banks, then you have to pay it AGAIN
in the form of a loan, plus interest. We the tax payer will end up paying 1.4 trillion on that
700 billion package.

They have NO care or concern for the homeowner, and they will try again soon, telling you that you need this bill to go through. And tell them to remember, they are up for re-election this year, so they should keep their suitcase nearby.

Fire them all!

All those low interest, no down, no qualifying loans were made on PURPOSE, and with the Adjustable Rate Mortgage in the fine print, THEY KNEW exactly what they were doing, and they knew exactly what the results would be when the A.R.M's kick in.

But you think this is bad? Wait until the Social Security bill comes around to "save" the
system. That will be the straw that breaks the camels back.

At that time, I would not be surprised to read of a virus outbreak that kills 50 million elderly
people. Wow, that would save the SS system! 50 million less checks to mail out!

Every Year almost, Rep. Ron Paul puts up a bill to repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and every year it never makes it out of committee and never, NEVER has there EVER been a single Rep co-sign the bill, never. So, keep that in mind, YOUR rep thinks the illegal federal reserve system is GOOD,
and he or she must think that a debt based monetary system is great!
They are either fools, idiots or spineless career criminals who should be charged under the RICO act.


Do them a favor this year, VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE, you may just save their life!

Don't email them, FAX them or write them, call them or visit them, with the simple message,

Keep me posted!