Friday, December 5, 2008

America: The Sinking ship

America is sinking. The last act of a desperate government is to raid the treasury before they flee. But that can't happen in America, because America is broke - bankrupt - massively in debt, there is no money in the cookie jar. So the powers that be do the next best thing. They go shopping with the nations credit card, filling the defunct treasury with trillions of IOU's.

One day soon the straw that breaks the camels back is slowly wafting down and almost ready to land.

Hopefully, after the ashes cools down and the dust settles, true Americans, those who actually believe in the Bill of Rights can rebuild, with things fresh in their memories of how it became so corrupt with criminals running our government.

A fox with fleas, it is said, will pick up a stick and slowly submerge itself in water. The fleas jump higher and higher until the fox is all but under water, with only the stick still dry. The fleas, in order not to drown will jump on the stick and then the fox releases the stick with all the fleas on it.

This is what real Americans need to do, send this criminal government down river.

The days of optimism are getting shorter and shorter. The natives are getting restless, there is talk of tar and feathers, there is talk of lynch mobs, there is talk of even armed revolution! Will it happen? Who knows. With 95 million gun owners in the US who own 200 million weapons, that is a formidable army of patriots sick and tired of criminal governments stealing their money, stealing their freedoms and sovereignty.

Even at just 10 percent, that leaves 9.5 million who would rather die than give up their guns or their country. As time progresses, I will assume that more and more of the other 85.5 million will join the ranks. Those freedom fighters known as insurgent terrorists in the middle east would love to have 9.5 million members! I doubt that the government is the only one putting their ducks in a row. As the news reports, the most profitable and busiest business today in America is gun sales, and ammunition, and food supplies.

Those with forethought can make it through the fires. They will have guns, ammo, food and water and will put up a pretty good fight against roving gangs of looters looking for food.

This all sounds pretty gloomy, but what could trigger it? Plenty. A natural or man made disaster on a large scale.

Anything that could trigger riots, like the crash of the monetary system, the assassination of Obama, The end of Social Security funding, the end of welfare funding. All of that could trigger martial law and civil war in America.

It is designed to fail on purpose. It is designed to merge the US, Canada and Mexico into one entity. There are those will probably not allow this to happen.

Last time, during the "revolution", the people were pretty much matched up with the military arms wise. Today it is different. The people do not have Warthogs, F-16's or Humvies with 3 inch thick glass. The people probably do not have to many 50 cal machine guns, but I assume there are a few out there. However, I recall a poacher hunting with bow and arrow on Weyerhauser lands and he brought down their chopper with an arrow striking the tail rotor. Most likely a lucky shot.

Prepare for the worse and hope for the best is my motto. I can pretty much assure everyone that 2009 will be the year the shit hits the fan in one form or another. You can stock up lots of food, and as some do, they don't use their "store cards", to prevent tracking. The more who knows about your food, the more mouths you will be feeding, and deplete your stores in no time at all.

Tell a neighbor and he or she will come over when they are starving, and then the sister or brother, and their best friend.. etc.. see what I mean?

I also think ammo will skyrocket very soon. If you don't have a lot stored up for emergencies to protect your home, it would be prudent to think about getting more, sooner than later.

Of course, this is all just my opinion and not based on anything but my own thoughts.