Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is there a lawyer with balls in the house?

Is there such a thing as a lawyer with balls, who would like to take on the biggest tort class-action suit in the history of law? Is there a lawyer who is willing to turn their back on the status quo and take a case that would provide them with so much fame and money they could retire for life after this one case? Are there a group of lawyers who would do this one case? The case of a lifetime! Imagine, hundreds of millions signed in to this one class action suit, as a matter of fact, whole nations! WOW!

Imagine the Mother of Lawsuits! and YOU as the lawyer are at the helm of this great ship!

According to the chart below, the so called "dollar" has devalued OVER 90 PERCENT since its inception. Every living American has been cheated out of the value of their labor due to being FORCED to use FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES as "money". We all know that FRN's are NOT "dollars" as per the legal description of what a "dollar" really is. We all know that a FRN is actually a promissory note on a debt.

(click to enlarge)

Every living American has been an "injured party" due to the negligence and or purposely stolen value via "controlled inflation" caused directly from the actions of the Federal Reserve Board, and which said board is responsible to the stockholders of this privately owned corporation.

JFK, via Executive Order, ordered that FRN's be replaced by United States Treasury Notes. Sure, they were not backed by anything either, but at least the tax payer did not have to pay the face value plus interest to use it. It was interest free!

Most people do not realize that the "FED" buys US debt by printing the money for the cost of the ink and paper, then buy the debt at FACE VALUE of the bill. A $100 bill only costs pennies to print, but the tax payer has to pay a full $100 plus prime rate for that "loan". Hence, the Federal Reserve Act that is purposely designed to never have the debt paid off. Supposedly, the national debt can ONLY be paid in "lawful" money, which is.. (drum roll please), GOLD OR SILVER!

Most all nations on earth have a debt based monetary system like the United States has. They are purposely designed to steal your wealth and labor, to make the super rich richer, and the middle class shrink to be the lower class. Don't get me wrong, I am all for the Capitalist System, what I am against is fraud and theft! I am not "anti-government", I love the concept of "government", to take care of things so I can actually enjoy life instead of writing blogs and running forums. I just don't like CRIMINALS running MY government!

The Federal Reserve Bank has NEVER been audited to see where the trillions of "dollars" went to,
or to WHO they went to. Most likely the Rothchilds and Warburgs et:al of the world who use that money to finance both sides of wars they instigate. Win/Win situation. Finance both sides, and they care not who wins "the war" because both sides owe them big time!

Representative Ron Paul introduced a bill to audit the Federal Reserve (HR 1207), and has gathered (at last count 150 co-sponsors), and the US Senate also has a companion bill to audit the Federal Reserve.

To my 20 years of study and research, no one can convince me otherwise that it is the direct result of the actions of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banks who had created the depression of the 20's, and now again, destroying the monitary system of America.

Not only are 300 million Americans eligible to sign up in a class action tort law suit against the Federal Reserve system and its owners, for destroying 94 percent of its wealth, but every nation on earth who is forced to use Federal Reserve Notes on reserve for debt or for purchases of oil who also have been monitarily injured and should seek relief via law suits against the Federal Reserve Banks.

It is my opinion, that those owners of the Federal Reserve Bank system should be put in prison and all their assets seized and returned to the people of America and those foreign countries who have been duped by the same group of con artists. The national debt that is owed to the Federal Reserve system should be wiped clean, since it was born in fraud from the beginning of their plot.

Those politicans who SUPPORT the Federal Reserve system who DID NOT (or do not) sign on to the above mentioned bill to audit the fed should eventually be charged with conspiracy to commit fraud.

So, the bottom line. Is there a group of lawyers who are willing to begin a class action suit against the Federal Reserve bank, a privately owned corporation, and to force them to open their books as evidence, and expose the fraud that has been burdoning the American people for over 80 years, stealing the nations wealth and livelihood?

You could make history.. Or you can go back to defending someone who had their feelings hurt via name calling, and never make a mark in the history books under your name.

I would advise though, should a group of lawyers ever decide to go with it, I would suggest never flying together on small aircraft, take a drive down Dealey Plaza, or shoot yourself 5 times in the back of the head, or cut your own head off in a suicide attempt. No one wants to be "Fosterized".

Besides, under "color of law", and all you lawyers know what I am talking about, no one wants to violate the Constitution by "questioning the national debt". What a freakin' FARCE.

I suppose the reader of this can consider this a "rant", because I do not think there is a single lawyer with balls enough to make a difference, and really shake things up. Although I can dream, can't I?

However, there is another option that would not be as peaceful as a lawsuit, as soon will come the day that the "Liberty tree" needs to be shaken up now and then.

The government has done a fantastic job at dividing the nation. Keep people divided over abortion, over immigration, over religion, over race, over anything, as long as they don't see what the man behind the curtain is doing in the background. The US government has to place a portion of our nation under the hyphen. Afro-American, Asian-American, Mexican-American yada yada yada. One is either an American or they are NOT an American. An American is a person born in America. If you are born in America and are black, guess what? You are an American, NOT an African. Africans are from Africa. Mexicans are from Mexico, Asians are from Asia. But if you are any of those born in America, you are an American. DROP THE FUCKING HYPHINATION!!!! I am white, but you won't hear me running around saying I am a Euro-American.

So Lawyers. SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT. You are either part of the solution, or part of the problem. Which side do you want to be on when 100 million pissed off "Americans" with hundreds of millions of guns and billions of rounds of ammo decide enough is enough?

Put down the Martini, grab some balls and stand up for America for a change! Grow a spine and quit chasing ambulances.