Saturday, April 18, 2009

A quick Memo to CIA and military

Just a quick question to the CIA and Military personnel, NSA and other spooks....
(Note:, this is my opinion, and I am entitled to that).

Under your president GW Bush, who authorized certain methods of torture that were deemed "legal" under certain treaties, do you feel vindicated that Obama is not going to prosecute you? I mean, I bet the Nazi solders "Just doing their job" felt vindicated, but not in the world's eyes during the Nuremberg trials. Keep that in mind, under international treaty, YOU may be subject to a death sentence in a court of law for following fools and manipulators like the Bush family. You think the Bush family will appear in court to defend you? If you believe that, you are a bigger fool than the Bush family. They will let you (the expendable) die. You are nothing but a useless tool for them, a toy so to speak. Obama may not prosecute, but other nations might.

If the President said "It's perfectly legal to put a bullet in the forehead of every blond person you see" does that make it right? Just because there is NO law that says it is illegal to put a bullet in the forehead of a person who is blond does not make it "legal", or moral for that matter.

YOU! members of the US Armed forces AND CIA, FBI and a bunch of other acronyms and stuff need to wake your stupid ass up and realize one thing. KARMA, what your sow you reap, Live by the sword, die by the sword, Torture and you will be tortured too. Can't escape it.

All of you make me sick who are "just following orders". Well follow THIS order! shit or get off the pot. 6 months, 18 months. Doesn't matter the time frame, the end results will be the same. The forces of natural law will fuck you over for blindly following a dumb fuck who does not know their ass from a hole in the ground.

Don't get me wrong. I love the "concept" of representative government. I would LOVE to just go about my life and enjoy the fruits of my labor.. BUT, when that government becomes so corrupt and their arms deals, drug deals, back door treaties, black budgets, false flag ops, ad nausium, I get tired of your shit. Grow up and get a real job, instead of sucking the hind teat of a dead cow.

I know that Israel pretty much dictates American foreign policy, and I know that it is the Jewish bankers who run the monetary system, and I know that it is the Jewish owned media that sways public opinion, but you know what? That is dying. With 86 percent of Americans, (REAL Americans, not the fake ones like those being addressed here) are against all that shit. It's just a matter of time.

Why don't all of you grow a pair and stand up for America, the concept of America. Do you enjoy the fact that Canadian military agreed to suppress any insurrection by real Americans? Here's a tip for you. Move ANYONE you care about out of America before that happens. How will you feel when someone you care about or even love, if that is possible, when they are shot in the head by a Canadian military person?

Save your black soul if you can. One day.. you may ask yourself.. What the fuck did I do? You helped destroy a nation and it's people.

May hell be very hot for your hated ass.

Can I get an Amen?