Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wizard of Oz Revolution

Thinking back to a certain part in the old 1939 movie "The Wizard of Oz", where the good witch of the East got Dorothy's ruby slippers back, and Dorothy wants to go home, the good witch tells Dorothy "you have always had the power to go home", or something to that effect.

Well fast forward to 2008, and the people, the people of the united States of America, have ALWAYS had the power to "go home", or should I say, return to a Constitutional form of
government, absolute States' rights, and a Republic.

Mr. Ron Paul has started something. I don't know how it all came about. Paul has ran before with far less support of the average American that time. Somehow, he got the support this time! Most likely, it is the "right" time for his message. People all over are fed up with government control, government corruption, government theft, government lies, and on and on. We The People are sick and tired of the NWO crowd's games. We the people want our nation back, our money back, our economy back, our land back, our rights back, and if need be,
we need to just take it back.

There is, in the air as I write this, an ever growing support for freedom. Apathy is disappearing.

It should not matter if the MSM shuns Dr. Paul, remember, they are members of the CFR and/or the Trilaterals, etc, and they are doing what they are told to do by their handlers.

We have to believe that Dr. Paul has many smart tricks up his sleeve, and as we are not always privy to those ideas, we have to have faith that it will work.

My primary thought is that even though Dr. Paul ignited liberty, it is "We the People" who have to make it all happen. It is We the People who will get him elected, and if we fail, it is We the People who MUST carry on and do battle!

We need to continue NOW with relentless passion as to our goals.

begins dumping even more of their stock. What would happen if 10,000 different people emailed CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC daily, every day? What would happen if 100,000 people sick and tired of their (What would happen if just 10,000 people emailed Fox news daily? Every Day? Until WallstreetMSM) lies and cover-ups begin to click their news sites, every day, daily, clicking reload every few minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Would all there servers crash? Would their stock values crash?

And what would happen if 100,00 people clicked and emailed and clicked the financial supporters of these so-called "news sites", would the sponsors stocks begin to drop on Wallstreet?

Would all these things be so disruptive as to actually cause problems for the company(ies)?

We the People can do this if it is what we want. Take our Nation back.

My whole point: IF for ANY reason, Ron Paul does not become a sitting president for any of several reasons, WE THE PEOPLE STILL HAVE THE POWER to take back our nation!

The LAST thing I would want to see is all of the Ron Paul supporters just roll over and die
if he is not a sitting president. We MUST begin to fight back, even if... It's called being vigilant.

Even though Mr. Paul may not approve of this message, he would certainly DIS-approve of people just blowing away in the wind when it's all over. If you do not have the time to take action now, you will not have the time when you are breaking rocks in a military concentration camp for political prisoners. It would be all over except for the dying, which many would hope to come soon.

We the People have the power, will we use it or lose it?