Saturday, January 19, 2008

The beginning of the "War on Drugs" and Global Warming

Hemp is the oldest cultivated plant in human history. From hemp was made
the first fabric and the first paper.

In the 1930s, DuPont chemical corporation patented nylon, a synthetic
fiber made from oil. Simultaneously, an inventor patented the
'decorticator' that separated hemp fiber from the pulp, an activity that
had been historical very labor intensive. The machine would have
transformed the already well-established, though low-volume, hemp industry
into a billion dollar crop as reported by Popular Mechanics in 1937.
Manufacturing of textiles from hemp would have become economically

DuPont also patented the sulfuric acid pulp extraction process which was
used to turn trees into paper.

Hemp was a natural source of both textile fiber and paper that could not
be patented. However, it competed with the artificial fabric industry and
the tree-paper industry. To ensure control over these basic needs of
everyday life, DuPont conspired with William R. Hearst, a newspaper owner,
to make hemp illegal, thus eliminating it as a competitor. Hearst
invented what is known as "yellow journalism". Basically, you can say
whatever you want, even if it isn't true (eg-National Enquirer, Star).

So began a campaign to make Americans fear and even hate hemp. Now, hemp
had a long history in America, especially Kentucky where it was the number
one crop for some time. Coincidentally, "turkish smoke parlors" had
recently become popular among urban Americans. Recreational use of hemp
was widespread and socially accepted. The conspirators had to find a way
to sneak it past the public so they would support prohibition.

The conspirators engaged in a series of propaganda and lies that were
racially based and completely without substantiation. Hearst printed
articles about the "evil Mexican weed marihuana". This was the first
step. Americans knew it as hemp or cannabis or hashish. Calling it
"marihuana" not only misled the public, but also played on their prevalent
racial tendencies as well.

Marijuana was said to make black men sleep with or even rape white women.
This obviously upset the white American. Murders were blamed on
marijuana smokers as well. "If the monster Frankenstein came face to face
with the monster marijuana, he would drop dead of fright", as one Hearst
article explained it.

Let us not forget that the law must be pushed past our elected officials.
Harry Anslinger was employed to disseminate more propaganda. He did so in
the form of "Reefer Madness" among others, in which the pot smoker was
depicted as some sort of freak ("play it (the piano) faster, a man said to
a woman in the film"). Too bad most Americans (including Congressmen)
viewed it as a documentary.

The campaign consumed the emotions of the Coalition of Women, already
distraught by the TRUE menace of alcohol (said to cause wife-beating,
true, true). The public began to hate marijuana and pressured their
legislators to do something about it.

The AMA testified that cannabis had vast known and long practiced medical
utility. It had been used for all the uses we hear about today as well as
for child birth and even breaking alcohol and heroin addiction. Despite
this the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was passed. (Hemp seeds were allowed
as the "birds will not sing without it" argument was accepted). Some
congressmen admitted that they didn't realize they were outlawing hemp at
the time. Farmers protested as well arguing that hemp was a vital crop.
Congress responded by allowing hemp, but assigning an outlandish tax on
the industry. The industry shortly collapsed. DuPont started
reaping the benefits of its patents, making money hand over fist and in
the process, destroying the environment.

Hemp will make paper and textiles without acids and bleaches, agricultural
chemicals, and oil. Hemp will make fuel without heavy metals, smog, acid
rain, toxic byproducts, and the Greenhouse Effect. Hemp will make natural
and safe medicines (artificial medicines also coming from oil).

The environmental threats we face today are a direct result of hemp

PS - today the oil, timber, pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco, and criminal
justice industries comprise the heaviest lobbying to politicians. Even
DARE is funded by the tobacco industry.

One great big festering, self-perpetuating lie.

[note: it is interesting to note that the DuPont company is the
same company that held the patent on "Freon", their patented
refrigerant. The patent was about to expire, AND when the patent
expires, any company anywhere can begin to manufacture "FREON",
which would mean a drastic price reduction on the market, and a
loss of a monopoly on the refrigerant. Hence, DuPont in concert
with the media, (again) manipulated the minds of governments and
that of people. The FREON (their own product) was HARMFUL TO THE
OZONE. Now that people demanded change to protect the environment,
Congress baned the fluorohydrocarbon use in refrigerant.

Their soon to be defunct patent on FREON would soon be buried, and
no one else can make it either. BUT, wait, there is a "new and
improved" refrigerant! Care to guess who was the first to "invent"
this now product and get the global patent on it?

If you guessed DuPont, you are correct, and win a big cigar!

I would venture to guess that their "new" product was already
sitting in the wings, waiting for the old patent to get banned,
assuring DuPont the reigning monopoly on global refrigerant sales.