Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hawaii elections offical says Obama NOT born in Hawaii

If YOU had nothing to hide, would YOU spend over 1 million to seal all your records from day one?
If YOU were elected president, and people said you were not legible, would you PROVE you were? Or would you spend millions blocking every lawsuit brought in court to prove it?

The question now is, when will the ex elections official from Hawaii "commit suicide"? And what, if anything, will Congress do? (hint: nothing), What will the Justice Dept do? (hint: nothing),
What will the FBI do? (hint: nothing).

I think it's high time to shit or get off the pot! Either he proves it, IN COURT by unsealing all his records, or immediate impeachment proceedings begin. In my view, Obama committed treason, and all those who KNOWINGLY assisted him in this charade are guilty of treason, and those who know it, but refuse to step up to the plate and file charges are also guilty of aiding and abetting a treasonous act. They too should be held accountable for their LACK of actions.