Saturday, March 27, 2010

Is it TIME to elect some LIBERTARIANS now?

The Democrats want to drive to Socialism at 100 miles per hour, the Republicans want to drive to Socialism at 85 miles per hour, the Libertarians won't take that trip at all! Isn't it time we have a closer look at the party that never gets media attention?

You can also view their platform there, the state by state look up of those now in some elected offices, and those running in 2010.

The TEA PARTY is very Libertarian in practice, however the Libertarian ideals have been hijacked by the Republicans as "their" train. It is not. The Republicans can in no way ever be a Libertarian!

Had there been maybe 10 Libertarians in the Senate, the fake health care bill would not have passed, but even though it DID pass, it STILL has to be funded EVERY YEAR by the Congress, those who hold the purse strings of the nation. With a minority of Libertarians in the House, it will not get the funding, and it will just dry up and blow away in the silent winds of change.

Most people think that actually have a "choice" in elections, either Democrat or Republican, but they are both controlled by the same corporations (Bribes), foreign influence (blackmail), and PAC money (bribes). It's a never-ending cycle of 2 parties heading for the same goals, just at different speeds. The Libertarian party is the brakes to this run-a-way train wreak about to happen!

You owe it to yourself, your family, your dear friends, and your COUNTRY to at LEAST investigate
the 3rd party, the Libertarian Party to make an informed vote. IF you are a "Tea Partier" person, you owe it to yourself to take back the Tea Party and vote/support it's roots, the Libertarian.