Tuesday, June 30, 2009

America, the late great nation

I don't know about all of you, but there is something fundamentally wrong when you incarcerate someone without a trial, and you can not charge them with anything, simply because those incarcerated had no knowledge of, or part in, 9-11. Yet, you can not release them. What are they going to do with them? Shut down Gitmo, and move them to federal prisons? hardly.. more like off shore prisons in God knows where.

Most of those at Gitmo may well be connected with terrorism, somewhere else, but they most likely did not have any hand, yet alone knowledge of anything that happened in NYC on Sept. 11, 2001.

No one can convince me otherwise, that our very own government knew who planned it, they knew who put it all together, and who pulled it off. All for the sake of taking away more freedoms from Americans.

Remember, even the "fake" Bin Ladin" is not wanted by our very own FBI, other than the connection of a bombing of an Embassy over in Europe. He is not wanted for 9-11, because he had no involvement in it. Besides, he died many years ago.

I think.. in the near future, the president may not have a shoe thrown at him, it may well be something on the line of a Metal Jacket. (A full metal jacket).

Sooner or later, the shit will hit the fan.. am I worried? Nope! Not in the least. I am prepared. And should I take one in the head or heart, so be it. I will not die for naught... nor on bended knee.

I am an American, and proud of it. I am proud of the ideals set forth in this nation, the freedoms and liberties. But alas, they have been perverted by evil and corrupt policy makers. I only wish them a quick death, to rid the nation of the vermin who corrupted a great nation.

I was glad to see "made off" ( with your money) get 150 years. One down thousands to go. I believe he is lucky! The rest may end up in a morgue.

Our whole government (with the exception of those pencil-neck office workers just trying to make a living) needs to be in prison, or dead. Once they are dead, I can forgive them, for my own sake).

Prices may soon sky-rocket!, (hang on to every dime you have, you will need it to buy a cup of rice)

When the dust settles, I pray that it is God's people who come out on top! I don't see it as happening any other way!

And not to worry, you will NOT see me on the evening news.. A fighter knows not to do anything stupid, a fighter knows it is best to live, to fight another day.

We have our work cut out for us!