Monday, August 11, 2008

I think I get the bigger picture now!

America has gone from the greatest nation on Earth to nothing more than a puppet for sale who will dance to the tune of the puppetmasters.

Israel wants war with Iran, but they do not want to get their own nose bloody, and why should they when they have red-blooded American boys and girls to die for a lie?

Russia has said clearly that an attack by the U.S. or Israel against Iran will be considered an attack on Russia. China gets a bulk of their oil from Iran. Neither China or Russia wants their oil supplies interrupted. China also hold a Trillion or two of our debt. Our failing dollar could not stand the shock if China dumped it on the market.

Now we have an armada of warships headed for the Persian Gulf, and I think we all know what that means. The U.S. government has now become a rouge terrorist state and even made the Canadian list of terrorist states. Our rogue government now approves of torture, invasion, war without Congressional Acts of a formal Declaration of War.

With Bush in China, I am sure he is making deals with China, Stay out of our way when Israel orders our military to Attack Iran, and we will turn a blind eye when you attack Taiwan. Perhaps their goals are more lofty, like Hong Kong and Japan, certainly Tibet.

Why would that happen? Well look at what is happening today in Georgia. Georgia is a NATO member. Where is the NATO support? Where is the U.S.? This is what the already weary Georgian
soldiers are asking themselves. They thought that NATO would come in and help them with their conflict with Russia.

I believe that America cut a deal with Russia that NATO will turn a blind eye to Russian aggression against Georgia, a former member of the Soviet Union. The Georgians are so pro-American, they even named a street after George W. Bush. Boy were they ever duped by an evil war criminal. In return, Russia needs to turn a blind eye to the preemptive attack of Iran by the U.S., oh, and maybe Israel will actually use one of their non-existing shinny new nukes.

Since Israel has a larger presence in US Government than ever before, their ideals are being reflected in US foreign policies. Israel trains our police in anti-terrorist activities, as well they should be experts at terrorism, Israel itself has been engaged in terrorist activities for a long time. 9/11 comes to mind. Israeli companies supply security for American Nuclear facilities, that should help you sleep at night. Israeli companies have full access to all American telephone records. Now I understand that most people who live in Israel do not set foreign policies, and they too are just expendable pawns by their government as we Americans are just expendable pawns to our government. We just want to make a living and have some peace and enjoyment in our lives. We do not make Foreign polices.

My BEST case fantasy scenario would be the US tells Israel "Don't worry buddy, we got your back",
and we even get in position. Then, when Israel starts sending in their missiles, Iran retaliates and takes out the "state of" Israel, and the US slowly puts their ships in reverse, once and for all eliminating the the terrorist state that was created with the Balfour Declaration. Russia understands the ills of the Bolshevik revolution when the Zionists overthrew the Christian Romanov empire and created Communism. Now we are in the same position as Russia was in 1917. Russia finally grew a pair and got rid of the Zionists. Will we do the same?

With the new replacements of upper brass in the military being replaced with Zionist loving generals and Admirals, the American Military Machine is finally under full Israeli control. Are there enough red-blooded upper brass Americans left who will say "NO" and arrest the Zionist generals and Admirals?

Remember, "I was just doing my job and following orders" will NOT be a defense at your trial by the Constitutional government OF the people. I think the People will hang you by the neck until dead, or maybe the people will just take you out and leave you for buzzard food.

My only question left, since the criminals in our government have given the name "America" a bitter disgusting taste in the mouths of the rest of the world, I wonder if anyone out there will aid the people in restoring this nation to its previous glory, if and when the curtains rise for the American Revolution part II. I think America is a powder keg, waiting for the one little spark to set off the fireworks, in a chain reaction that has not been seen for over 200 years.