Monday, February 11, 2008

What needs to be done, soon!

What needs to be done, soon!

By Prospector | February 11, 2008

Here is an idea. We already have meetup groups all over. Keep them going! Expand each group to get as many as we can in each group. Meet regularly, like twice a month, and get those WITHOUT internet involved and informed. Form as many groups in each and every county in the USA. Soon we could have 1+million people! Now, each local group needs to have a delegate to meet with the other local group delegates on a County wide group of delegates. EACH member of the County group elect a delegate to represent the county groups on a STATE level. And then the state level groups elect a rep for the national level of 50 delegates. ORGANIZATION!! I’ve always said one can not tackle the corruption from the top, but if we tackle it at the bottom, the city, town, berg, ville, etc, clean it up, then on to the county level, the state level, and the federal level. This can be done by the end of the year.

This would offer us a great lobbyist group. Think, 1+million true Americans as a lobby group. NO pay, all volunteer, this way every single person is in it for the freedom, NOT money. Can you imagine what 1+ million could raise at the drop of a hat? If everyone kicked in a buck, that’s 1 mil for “favors” in congress, just like all other pac money is used for. WE need to FIGHT on the same playing field as the other special interest groups do, for our shared interest is of the most special! We the people could become VERY powerful in a matter of a few months, certainly by the fall.

If there was a membership fee, or a donation of just $1 a month for things like mass-fax, postage, signs, flyers, etc. it would be a cake walk. Just have to get organized, get it going now, and recruit. The meetup groups would eventually get “heads-up notices” on important events unfolding that we need to be aware of.

It does not matter if one is black, white, brown, yellow or red, male or female, the common bond is truth, liberty, freedom.

One only has to be vigilant on the lowest levels, watching for moles, infiltrators, snitches, spooks, etc. Actually on the local level, most everyone in the meetup group would most likely know each other.

There are many reasons to form new or expand current groups as time will tell.

Folks, if Ron gets in, all the better, if he does not, we have a back-up plan. And by fall of this year, we may have enough clout to sway votes on bills in EVERY state!!

WE need to stop this insanity of our stolen nation NOW! TODAY! LET’S DO IT!!


Comments? Anyone seriously interested, let’s set something up were we can kick ideas around without tons of things to sort through to find comments.